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Competition in the job market is an unavoidable reality that all those seeking employment must face. According to, an online gathering place for recruiters,

Despite how badly you may want - or need - a particular job, there are still factors that might make you think twice about accepting

Even the most experienced job seekers cringe at the greatest weakness question. It's difficult to talk about your flaws when you are trying to land

Even if you have a lot of experience and talent in your field, you probably won't land the position if you cause your interviewer to

As an IT worker, you may think that you can easily walk into a job based on your skill set alone. After all, it's hard

By Jerry Randecker & Chris Sitter (Published April 2012 in CED Magazine) Many of us started our careers long before AOL ever began passing out

By Jerry Randecker & Chris Sitter (Published in CED Magazine - 2012) Ideally, nobody reading this article will need this information for several years. But, because

By Bill & Chris Sitter Doubts and bad feelings can be the byproducts of renegotiating after a sudden resignation. In recent columns we have addressed creative

By Bill Sitter The two most important days in your newly hired manager's career are his/her first visit to your dealership and first day on