Fueling the Fun: Memes for Heavy Equipment Operators and Diesel Mechanics  

We love to laugh!  It is good medicine!  Our take, whoever invented memes deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!  Speaking of prizes, here are some diesel mechanic memes and heavy equipment memes that will make you laugh as you take time to appreciate the hard work and dedication of these unique professionals that keep our world turning.

Meme1 | Reputable Recruiting

Aren’t all diesel mechanics ‘Turbo Guys’?!?  Go big or go home, as they say!  At Jordan Sitter Associates we can appreciate the desire to have more power.  That is why we’ve powered our recruiting process with some of the most powerful recruiting tools aimed at improving performance and results.  If we are being honest, who doesn’t love a turbo (or two)?!


Meme2 | Reputable Recruiting

The basic economics of hiring diesel mechanics is a real thing. Demand is high and supply is low.  It’s a seller’s market!  We analyze job postings across the US for heavy equipment dealers, heavy equipment rental, and heavy equipment OEMs and consistently find that 90% (or more) of the jobs posted are for mechanics.  Occasionally, no matter how good your hiring process is, you get one of “those guys” who is great at interviewing but terrible at actually getting work done.  

They talk a good game, but that is the problem, they TALK too much.  Then you find them strapping down a pile of sand on a flatbed and it all comes clear.  Just goes to show you, there is no such thing as a perfect hiring process!!  I’ve always said, technician hiring is like the pebble in your shoe.  It won’t necessarily kill you, but it’ll make you miserable if you don’t get it sorted out!


Meme3 | Reputable Recruiting

This one hits home for sure.  We get asked on occasion, “what do you do?”  Our response, “I’m a recruiter.”  They say, “you mean, like for the military?”  So, we get it!  Diesel mechanics are a special breed.  Yes, they probably DO know a lot about cars, but there’s no mistaking that their skills and traits are very different from an auto mechanic, especially the guys doing work alone in the field in the heat, rain, and/or cold without any help other than their own blood, sweat, and tears (you’re secret is safe with us!)…and of course a righteous set of tools.

MEME4 | Reputable Recruiting

Does this one really need further comment?  Of course not!  Except, perhaps seeing a diesel mechanic in a tuxedo might be like a unicorn sighting!?!?

Meme5 | Reputable Recruiting

Let’s face it…sales people are naturally competitive!  We love a good challenge, and we love to compete, whether that is with ourselves or with someone else!  

That said, sales reps today face a very real challenge these days with equipment lead times sometimes stretching up to 18-24 months. When the supply chain falls behind, it’s a problem. It becomes even worse when alternatives are scarce, causing sales reps to suffer. Starving sales reps lead to turnover. Imposing unrealistic quotas can result in unwanted turnover and the loss of valuable intellectual capital.  Food for thought!

Meme6 | Reputable Recruiting

Yeah, I’m sure this guy pulled that off, but not without some heart pounding adrenaline!  Occasionally we will get a search go ‘sideways’ on us, so it’s our job to self-correct.  Working closely with our clients we regularly gather feedback to help us keep our searches on the straight aways. I can’t help but think that the “turbo guys” mentioned above were involved in this somehow.  LOL!

Meme7 | Reputable Recruiting

There is no crying in Baseball”, they say.  Yeah, well this is pretty much true for diesel mechanics, too!  Whether you are working in a shop or in the field, diesel mechanics have to be prepared for just about anything.  

If you’re in luck, your parts department has the stuff you need in stock and you can get that baby up and running in time for you to get home for dinner with the family! If you are an OEM, stocking parts for old models is a real challenge, so our hats are off to you for the brilliant work you do in keeping some of these old machines operating!

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