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Best practices for reaching out to a recruiter that will get you a response.

How to Reach Out to a Recruiter

You are fed up, you are ready for a change, you were unfortunately part of a reduction in force. Perhaps, you are just wanting to


Jordan Sitter Announces Website Relaunch

Founded in 1978, Jordan Sitter continues to be the premier provider of recruiting and executive search services to manufacturers and distributors of the heavy equipment

True North Announces New Focus and Website

True North’s New Focus & New Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of True North’s new website!  We’ve been hard at work brainstorming, planning, and bringing our new website


Preparing Interview Questions

You are asked, “do you have any questions for me?’ This is the easiest interview question out there. Always say yes. Asking questions shows that


Top Interview Mistakes

Lack of Professionalism Too often job candidates fail to realize the interview starts the minute they walk into the building. Impolite behavior toward the security