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Laugh Away Those Sales Blues  

For all you salesmen out there trying to hit your outlandish monthly goals with a few days to spare, here are a few memes that probably will hit close to home, but hopefully make you laugh. 

Sales Meme

I mean they are called that for a reason. And if anyone tells you they enjoy making cold calls, they’re probably lying. But at the end of the day, that’s why you’re a successful salesman… You are willing to take the risk of getting an occasional door slammed in your face to hopefully finding that reward of closing a deal. Go get ‘em tiger!

Sales Meme

We’ve all been here right? You’ve worked tirelessly to finally get past the ultra-protective gatekeeper and are finally in front of the decision maker. They’re pulling out their checkbook and call you by the wrong name, are you correcting them?? 

Sales Meme

And these expectations most likely come from your smallest account.  But we live in a world where ‘the customer is always right,’ so we might as well make a joke out of it. 

Sales Meme

There’s a reason salesman need to have thick skin. If you’re in sales, the #1 interview question is “How do you handle rejection?” Why? You get told no WAY more than you do yes, and that is just a part of it. If it were any other way, there would be a lot more salesman in the world. Like we said before, it’s a high risk/high reward job. 

Sales Meme

Let’s be honest, this information is almost like pure gold. You bet we are going to see what this clown has to say! Do we need to say it again?? High risk…

Sales Meme

Let’s finish this thing off on a high note. Typically salesman are not the administrative type. It’s why they are in the field selling, shaking hands and meeting people rather than crunching numbers behind a computer. But I can bet you there is one thing all of us salespeople agree on that we can’t wait to do at our computers… close a deal on CRM. 

Now on to the next… HAPPY SELLING! 

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