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What Talent Acquisition Looks Like During A Pandemic 

As we slide into 2021, the global pandemic is far from over despite introducing a new vaccine. Covid caused turmoil for businesses in every industry. Local governments issued a slew of overnight changes and shelter in place orders to help stop the virus from spreading. In some ways, it changed the way we work and do business forever. In 2021 things are looking up, but we still have a long way to go. One of the many things that changed during this turbulent time is how talent acquisition works during a pandemic.

What Is Talent Acquisition And How Is It Different Than Recruiting?

Talent acquisition is an ongoing process that never stops. It is an overall strategy to seek out and hire top talent in your industry on a continuous basis. Recruiting to fill a specific job opening is just one part of talent acquisition. A proactive approach to attracting talent will ensure that you can access the best future team members and reduce your time-to-hire.

Finding And Attracting Top Talent During and After COVID-19

The job market is literally all over the place right now. The weight of COVID restrictions crushed some businesses entirely while others thrived. Some companies are laying people off or initiating a hiring freeze. Other companies are in desperate need of fresh talent. Talent acquisition & recruiting is now actively taking place virtually. Companies are pivoting by hosting virtual networking and hiring events online. Virtual events make scheduling more flexible and allow you to network with people out of state. Remote work now allows companies to consider talent outside of their traditional geographic markets, thereby creating new pools of talent.

What Hasn’t Changed In Talent Acquisition

Some elements of talent acquisition remained untouched even during the pandemic. Recruiters were able to keep working safely from home by making a few changes to their routines. The business of locating and attracting talent continued; it just pivoted. Marketing for talent, receiving resumes, and making initial phone calls were all things that could still be done safely. Recruiters have maintained contact with their stakeholders via phone calls, texts, email, and video chat.

New Talent Acquisition Methods For Meetings And Interviews

One thing that certainly had to change was how in-person interviews were conducted both by recruiters and by hiring managers. Many people turned to Zoom or other software for video conferencing for first and second interviews. Remote working even led to onboarding meetings becoming virtual. This allowed recruiters and talent acquisition managers to keep working.

The transition to video conference might be uncomfortable to some, but some find it refreshing.  Virtual meetings eliminate transportation and geographic barriers. Another thing to keep in mind is that younger Millennials and Generation Z employees are more comfortable with digital technology. People born in these generations prefer text messages and video chats. This could be a way to attract young, fresh talent, even after the pandemic has passed.

Recruits also enjoying seeing that the company has their best interest at heart and wants to keep everyone safe. Prove that you’re ready to step into the future with new technology and updated hiring processes. You will become a shoo-in for attracting Generation Z employees as they age into higher-level positions.

Here are a few video interview tips that recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewees should keep in mind:

  • Be just as professional as you would be in-person. Dress for success for your video interview. Carefully choose the space you’ll sit in during the meeting. Choose a quiet, professional-looking space where you won’t be interrupted by family members.
  • Keep time zones in mind. Make sure not to set meetings with people that are super early or late when interviewing candidates out of state.
  • Be prepared for every virtual meeting. A video interview isn’t a spur of the moment thing. You’ll have plenty of time to research and prepare for your interview ahead of time, so make use of it.

Keeping Talent Interested During A Hiring Freeze

A final consideration of talent acquisition during a pandemic is how to keep talented candidates interested during a hiring freeze. Part of talent acquisition is making companies look attractive to potential superstars who might be looking for a job change. That can get difficult if the company you are trying to promote isn’t hiring right now. Since talent acquisition is a long game, you won’t want to stop the wheels from turning. Be sure to keep in touch and get creative by inviting them to career or skill advancement opportunities online.

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