5 Things a Recruiter Does Everyday 

Recruiters must be organized, possess strong people and sales skills, and maintain a strong work ethic to be successful. Here are five tasks that a recruiter juggles daily:


After discussing job openings with the sales team, recruiters seek out qualified candidates to fill assigned positions. Searching for candidates is done in multiple ways. Referrals that come from reliable sources can provide the most useful way for recruiters to find qualified candidates. Recruiters also use social media, particularly LinkedIn, as a viable tool to source. Finally, while ‘cold calls’ are ambitious, they can be a successful tactic to find good applicants.

Host Interviews

Interviewing can be daunting. After reviewing a candidate’s resume, receiving recommendations, and making several phone calls; recruiters can decide whether or not a candidate is a desirable match for a specified job. The next task is to host an interview, so that a final decision about the candidate can be made. The interview helps a recruiter figure out if the candidate’s personality is a good fit for the job opening.

Prepare Applicants for Client Interview

After a candidate has impressed the recruiter, they are presented to a client. To verify that the candidate performs successfully at their client interview, it is imperative for the recruiter to prepare them. Recruiters should give candidates an inside scoop on the company that they are interviewing with and let them know what is expected of them beforehand. The recruiter should also de-brief the candidate after the interview to find out specifics about how the interview went.

Scan Resumes

When recruiters are not searching for new candidates from external sources, looking for job orders, or interviewing, they are navigating through their maze of emails and looking at resumes sent to them by applicants. Recruiters are trained to scan and process resumes within minutes to determine if the candidate possesses the skills desired for a specific job.

Maintain Relationships With Placed Candidates

When a candidate does not stay with their new company for the amount of time guaranteed by the recruiter, the recruiter loses their commission. It is vital that recruiters stay in touch with placed candidates to identify any problems that they may have with the company early on. This prevents the candidate from leaving prior to an expired contract. Not only is it important for recruiters to maintain relationships with placed candidates to avoid lost profit, but also to verify that both candidates and clients spread positive word of mouth about the recruiter to their colleagues. Also, a recruiter may want to place the candidate again in the future.

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