True North Is Going Green 

True North recognizes the importance of protecting our environment. So we are implementing some new things around the office to make our “carbon footprint” as small as possible. We hope that you too will think about how the things you do at work effect the environment. What we are doing:

  • Recycle – We realize that some things we are going to have to print or use, however we are recycling all paper, aluminum and plastic
  • Power-off – When computers run through the night they use energy and they are not even being used. Therefore, all employees shut down their computers before they leave
  • Lights Off – Every time we leave the office we make sure all lights are off. We have even talked to our cleaning crew and they double check them for us in the evening.
  • Reuse – We have reusable dishes and silverware to ensure that we are not using unnecessary disposable items.

Please share your ideas and things your office does to protect the environment.

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