Employer Counter Offers 

You have taken the time to interview with another company, considered your options and now you are going to tell your boss that you are leaving. At this point there are many reasons you did this and many things your boss may do, so let’s break it down. This moment in your career is important; you need to make a rational and well informed decision.

Your Boss May:

Your employer can really do four things: let you leave, make you a counter offer, try to guilt you into staying, or try to manipulate into staying. It is important that you go into this conversation with no expectations of an outcome. When you talk to your boss about taking another job you need to be confident that this is what you want to do. Why? They can do any of those four things and you do not know which one they will do.

If They Counter Offer:

First, this was probably done in a moment of panic. They are probably thinking about what they are going to do if they do not have you to finish up the project. Secondly, they could just want to buy themselves some time so they can find someone to take your place. Either way you will never know the true reason that they want you to stay.

Things to Consider:

The most important thing to think about is why you started looking in the first place. Is the only reason salary, probably not or you would have just asked for a raise. It could be a bad boss, not challenging projects, or even a coworker who has it out for you. If any of the reasons you were looking to leave are not going to change then consider if you still want to work in that environment. You are always going to be the person who wanted to leave. Who took time off to interview some where else and did not tell the whole truth about it. This is something that employers will consider a risk.

“6 out of 100 people are still working for the employer who gave them a counter offer a year after”

There are exceptions to this situation of course, but be sure you are confident in your decision when you make it. This could be a career changer for you. If you would like advice on your situation feel free to reach out to us.

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