My Prayer – The Crucible 

Almighty God nothing is beyond your control. You are above all things. You know all things. Not a single leaf falls from its branch without you directing it. Not a speck of pollen is created or carried by the wind to its final resting place without you first architecting its path.

You tend your crucible and carefully crush and grind one thing to make another. Your transformative practice is part of each person’s life. It is woven like a colorful thread through each of our lives. When we are in the crucible we utter, and often scream out our discomfort. If we are wise we embrace this change and offer thanks. If we lack faith we manipulate the process and try to wriggle out of it, but not without eternal consequence. I am learning to cope with the discomfort, to celebrate it. The transformation is worth the pain, struggle, suffering. Like the butterfly emerging from the tiny hole at the end of its cocoon, we struggle, wriggle, and find ourselves defenseless. As we work our way through the process we emerge whole, new, improved, more beautiful.

Forgive us when we try to circumvent your plans to transform us, or when we fail to celebrate and recognize the care you put into improving us. We lose sight of the greater plan when we are in suffering. We seek your help in remembering and being inspired by your greater vision for our lives. With every crushing turn of the pestle we cry out and our eventual change, we hope, brings you glory and honor. -Amen

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