My Prayer – The Seasons of Life 

Almighty Father, we are reminded by the seasons of how you take care of us. The harsh, bitter cold of winter, like life’s challenges, cause us to withdraw. But, there is new life in Spring and we are reminded of our new life in Christ, which gives us hope. Then, the intense heat of summer, like the challenges and pressures of life cause us to wilt. Without proper nourishment, hope dies, along with the grass. In these times lets us be reminded of the importance of nourishing ourselves with scripture, prayer, relationships, and fellowship. Just as proper rain, water and nutrients offer sustainment of life in times of intense summer heat, so, too, does our reliance on You through Faith, Hope, Love, Prayer, and Fellowship. Forgive us when we fail to take in these life giving nutrients and choose instead the unhealthy spoils of life, selfishness, pity, negativity, pride, jealousy, insecurity, fear, and anger. We thank you for our challenges, because we know you are preparing us for new growth, a new season. We ask that you would unburden us from our concerns and anxieties and offer us, and all who are in need, Courage, Faith, Hope, Forgiveness, and Love. –Amen!

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