My Prayer – God of Justice 

Almighty God, you are just and offer deliverance to your faithful. Forgive us when we complain that your justice is not delivered in our time. We suffer from an addiction to immediate gratification, and the weakness of our faith in your ultimate & redeeming power is evident as we wait for your justice to materialize. Why don’t we trust you more? The scriptures teach us of your countless promises and prophesies kept. Evil cannot withstand your awesome power! Evil is fleeting and subordinate to your plans of restoration and redemption (2Kings, Chapter 9).

We do not have the company of your prophets to guide and direct us today. Instead you offer us your Holy Spirit, which empowers us with prophetic ability and restoration if we seek you humbly (1Peter 5:6). We thank you for this amazing gift, and for our many blessings. May we recognize them and be humbled and grateful. We lift up our prayers for others who may be struggling with the timing of your deliverance from their plight, be it illness, injustice, addiction, failing relationships, loss of a loved one, unemployment, or anything other. May we all draw near to you and be strengthened in our faith during these times. Praise to you almighty father in heaven. -Amen

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