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My Prayer – History Repeated 

Holy, great, and powerful Lord, you are truth, peace, and love. We are content when we are truly with You. Your people Israel rested in You as they were led from captivity to the land that You promised. As they struggled through this journey they learned to trust You, and once arrived they became a great, faithful, and prosperous nation. But, they fell away and became divided. Their division and lack of faith in You led to their eventual demise, just as your prophets told them. Their leaders were stubborn, selfish, and full of pride.

Are we not a current picture of history? Did we not come from other nations and prosper under your Godly principles, but now are divided? Will our lack of faith in you, and our pursuit of other gods (money, power, fame) cause our ultimate takeover? Are we not now inhabited by other nations, just as was prophesied when your people Israel fell away?

Forgive us and convict us with your Holy Spirit that we may return to a nation led by You, trusting and relying on You, first and only. Let our hearts and motives be pure and holy. Your peace we seek. -Amen

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