My Prayer – Captivated 

Creator God your majesty envelopes us! Reminded are we of your awesome power and great care by the many beauties you have created for us to enjoy. We stand in awe when we take the time to consider the intricacies of your creation! Forgive us when we fail to stop and take in these blessings. Our troubles, worries, and the frenetic pace of our lives causes our attention to drift away from these amazing gifts. Thank you for captivating us with your awesome creation! Thank you for reminding us of your great care for us in the simplicities of a flower’s bloom, a cleansing spring rain, the cooling sensation of a gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun’s rays, the dramatic hues of the sun’s rise and fall, and the beauty of the night sky. How can we ignore your awesome power and fail to recognize your hand in this awesome creation? We lift up our lives to you in hopes that they would be as pleasing in your sight as your creation is in ours. For the downtrodden I pray for hope, the lost that they find direction, the worried and discontent that they find joy, the suffering that they find relief, for the broken that they be restored, and for the persecuted that they be fortified by truth. In your holy name I pray! -Amen

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