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My Prayer – A Wellspring 

Father in heaven you are like a wellspring. You offer life, comfort, a place to rest.Your scriptures speak of many promises made and kept, despite our undeserving actions. Your promise is as certain as the dawn. Forgive us when we give up on your promise. We lack perspective, set our own agendas, and fail to be patient and obedient. Why do we act in this way?Have you not demonstrated your character and trustworthiness to us countless times?

In Gensis 21 we are reminded of the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac. Sarah and Abraham, like us, lost faith in your promise. I’m sure they had plans drafted in their own mind that looked very different from yours. Sarah’s faith, along with Abraham’s, was tested and strengthened as they waited for your promise to be kept. We, too, draft our own plans (in our own minds). We are impatient with your timing. Our hearts are set on what our own imagination will conjure. Our faith is tested when we don’t get our way. We may even sacrifice our character in an effort to satisfy our desires.Our attention turns from the refining process of faith and patience, to the outcome we seek. We lack faith in you and your promise for our lives. There is great disappointment in our own failed expectations!

Just as Hagar was exhausted and certain of her demise (Genesis 21:9-20), you delivered her. A wellspring offered a place to rest and be restored.It was there that you revealed your character to her and made good on your promise, your covenant. Like the wellspring in this story, you are the wellspring for us today. When we drink from it we are given life eternal. Forgive us when we do not demonstrate trust and faith in you. Turn our attention to the journey, not the destination. For your destination is far greater than anything we could imagine!Help us to overcome our tendency to ignore your will and timing for our lives. Give us the character to accept (with grateful hearts) whatever path you have chosen for us. Help us to align our expectations with your Will, not ours. Help us to be prayerful, faithful, and patient in your timing. In your holy name – Amen!

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