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Why People, Process and Technology are Vital to an Organization’s Success 

If you’ve ever cooked a meal or made a cake, then you know that there are multiple components necessary to achieve success. It is not enough to have a recipe and the ingredients. Likewise, it is not enough just having an oven, stove, and utensils. Also key to success, is having the proper training and skills to leverage all the resources to make something extraordinary. Business is no different. In this post we discuss the importance of having the proper mix of people, process, and technology to achieve success.

People Alone Won’t Cut It.

Let’s face it, people alone are insufficient to achieve something great. I will even go so far as to suggest that even the very best people are insufficient to achieve something great.  Of course, central to any organization’s success and critical to its long-term vitality is having the right people. That cannot be overstated, but people alone are not enough.

Part one to any organization’s success is its vision, mission, and values. These become the foundation for who to hire.  Also important is what skills are necessary and the application of those skills to effectively perform the task at hand.  When properly aligned, even average performers can achieve great things.  Conversely, great talent poorly aligned will result in inconsistent or mediocre results. For all you Dallas Cowboys fans, you know what I’m talking about!

Process Alone Won’t Cut It.

Process is key to consistency. It is the recipe of activities that ultimately yields the product or service you seek to provide.  Ignore the recipe and there are sure to be consequences and inconsistencies. A great example of a company that has prospered because of its processes is McDonalds. From the very beginning they were determined to ensure that the customer experienced the same level of food quality and experience regardless of the location. While much of their emphasis was on the raw materials (produce, proteins, portions, etc), they could not achieve the desired consistency without a properly trained and talented team. No doubt, the burger isn’t going to make itself, and the attitude and smiles of the employees are equally important to customer experience as the quality of the burger itself.

Technology Alone Won’t Cut It.

These days you can’t just put a bunch of people in a room or under a roof and tell them what to do without giving them the tools and technologies needed for them to do a good job. Today companies deploy a variety of tools that make it possible to conduct their work. Without the right tools configured properly and flexible enough to scale, even the best talent and processes will suffer. No doubt that technology, tools, systems are a key factor to an organization’s success. Having said that, any technology or software is only as good as it’s user. We’ve all heard the phrase “junk in, junk out”.  If you don’t leverage the technology fully, then the results will ultimately suffer.

The proper blend of the right people, with the right process, and the proper technology are the perfect blend of resources to ensure your team or company can delight its customers and achieve great results consistently. It sounds simple, but it is not easy. Companies and teams frequently face challenges, making success a moving target. Therefore planning, measuring, and improving are vital to keeping up with shifting environments. At Reputable Recruiting, we deploy a blend of experienced, highly trained recruiters with proven processes for sourcing and screening talent.  We also deploy a world-class, high functioning technical stack that yields consistent 5-star ratings. Give us a call if you want to learn more about our blend of people, process, and technology!

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