What is a “Post and Pray” recruiting strategy? 

Hard to believe the age of online resume databases and job boards has been around since ~1995!  So much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same.  Once upon a time, the term “resu-mess” was coined to describe the abundance of job applicants yielded by online job advertisements. If we could bet on finding the diamond in the rough as a result of our job ad, then we’d all be rich! However, posting a job ad for a position you need to fill is a passive (inbound) approach that only reaches the active job seeker.  So, why has our newest term, “Post & Pray”, become the standard approach for recruiting and HR teams?

In this article, we will define Post & Pray and explain why it has become the default recruiting strategy. Additionally, we will outline the inadequacies, implications, and solutions to help make your recruiting and hiring process easier without killing your budget.

What does “Post & Pray” mean and why has it become the go-to recruiting strategy?

I’m glad you asked!  The term is meant to describe the lack of control that employers have when posting job advertisements. Sometimes this approach can yield a good candidate, but most times that is not that case. If you are like most, then you draft your job ad with a summary and a list of duties and requirements. Then, you pray like crazy someone good applies only to be frustrated by the time wasted sifting thru mediocre (at best) applicants.  The reason this has become standard is because recruiting and HR teams have enough on their plate handling important administrative tasks associated with their jobs while wanting to keep their cost per hire down.  Regrettably, this approach sparsely yields the best talent, even for companies with the best employer value propositions.  So, it begs the question, does it really keep your cost down?

Implications of a “Post & Pray” Recruitment Strategy

Job Advertisements have their place, and, yes, we deploy them, but not as our primary source for candidates. The reality is, if keeping your cost per hire down and improving your time to hire is important to you, then it cannot be denied that the very best approach to talent acquisition is a multi-part strategy that requires a significant amount of outbound candidate engagement to generate the best applicants. Recruiting and HR teams are burdened with critical administrative tasks. In response, companies continue to engage contingency recruiters who, admittedly, charge hefty fees and often fail to deliver long-term ROI. Additionally, contingency recruiters often fatigue if they sink their teeth into a tough search. They will always default to recruiting on what will put money in their pocket fastest. Some of the implications posed by a heavy Post & Pray recruiting strategy.

  • Diminished Employee Job Satisfaction
  • Weakened Culture/Employment Brand
  • Increased Turnover/Attrition
  • Decreased Work Quality
  • Increased Opportunity Costs
  • Increased Agency Fees
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Loss of Intellectual Capital

No need to worry, though.  We have developed affordable and proven solutions to help reputable companies recruit the very best talent and improve their recruiting and hiring process. Recruiting doesn’t have to be this hard, we promise!

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