5 Tips to Negotiate Salary 

Having the conversation around potential salary can make people feel uncomfortable, but if you are prepared for the conversation it can go smoothly. Follow these tips to have a confident answer to the salary question:

Be prepared to talk about salary. Always be ready to have the salary conversation, even if you are going to the first interview. You should always have a good idea of how you would answer the question, “What are you looking to make?”. However, this does not mean that you can bring up salary, let your interviewer be the one to bring this up.

Know what you are willing to accept. Take time to really think about a salary that you would be happy with. You do not want to be unsure of this and end up in a position where you are not making enough to support your lifestyle.

Know your value. Do research on what your skills are worth. If you are relocating use this relocation calculator to be aware of the salary conversion. When evaluating your pay grade consider all certifications and education.

Tell your recruiter. If you are working with a recruiter, understand that they are on your team and are going to be selling you to potential employers. Take time during your salary discussion so your recruiter truly understands your expectations.

This is a conversation. In the end when you do talk to potential employers about salary know that it is a conversation. It is a two way street, so listen to the potential employers reasons for the pay range they propose.

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