Job Seeker Survey – Part 1 

Who in the last two years hasn’t fielded a question or engaged in a discussion about the economy and its impact on employment? As professionals in the industy we are often asked how the job market is going and if employment is on the rise.

Most of us know that hiring is a key barometer to economic health for our country, and for the global economy. Recently, ‘Simply Hired’, completed a survey of job seekers and gleaned the following insights as to the process they employed for their job search. There will be a second and third part to this in another article that is yet to come. For now, the results are as follows.

Sources for Jobs:

  • Internet (86%)
  • Staffing Agency/Recruiter (29%/23%)
  • Newspaper (39%)
  • Networking (32%)
  • Professional Organizations (19%)
  • Outplacement Agency (10%)
  • College Career Center (9%)

Sources for Concluding a Successful Job Search:

  • Networking (37%)
  • Staffing Agency/Recruiter (15%/13%)
  • Job Board (20%)
  • Company Career Site (15%)

Top Social Networking Sites for Job Seekers:

  • Linked In (45%)
  • Facebook (24%)
  • Twitter (11%)
  • MySpace (8%)
  • Other (10%)
  • And startlingly, I Don’t Use Social Networks (36%)

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