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5 Tips to Help Job Seekers in an Employer’s Market 

No matter what the economic climate, finding a job is an arduous task. According to the most recently released job numbers,
unemployment claims have fallen to 5.5 percent. The fewer number of people looking for employment means the labor pool is dwindling, which is good news for job seekers. However, even with a decline in available workers, those looking for a job need to take the right steps in order to stand out to potential employers.

Here are five tips for
those seeking a job in an employer’s market, according to Time magazine:

1. Treat your hunt like a full-time job

Block off a portion of every day where you take time to look for hiring companies and then crank out cover letters and resumes. This type of hunt requires dedication and enthusiasm in the face of disappointment and rejection. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a while. Just keep your head up and stay on the job trail.

2. Take advantage of templates

Using a template for your cover letter and resume helps during this daily slog, but be careful not to make both of these important documents
too generic or improperly focused. If you’re only applying for a particular type of position, such as an engineering or accounting role, this method can be extremely efficient. However, for those looking more broadly, having a template might be detrimental to your job search. Tweak your resume template and cover letter according to the job listing to ensure you’re including the most relevant information. Many templates for both cover letters and resumes can be found online and without cost.

“Concentrate on looking for specific jobs in niche industries.”

3. Focus on the niche jobs boards

Concentrate your efforts on looking for specific types of jobs in niche industries. The major job boards have thousands of people seeking employment, increasing the chances of your resume getting lost in the bustling email shuffle. Instead of looking solely for work based on the sector, investigate and concentrate on job boards that break down these expansive industries into niche specialties and then apply for the particular positions posted. This helps winnow out the competition and lets your skills and accomplishments stand out more, especially if these skills and accomplishments overlap with the job posting.

4. Follow up with the company

Most HR managers will contact you within a week or so of receiving your application. If your qualifications closely align with the job posting’s listing, reach out and contact the HR rep to follow up with him or her. Using courteous and professional language, introduce yourself, state you recently submitted a resume and double check to ensure the appropriate party received your information. This will help you stick out more than other candidates and show you’re willing to go above and beyond what is necessary.

5. Get your foot in the door

Even if you are trying to land a full-time position, don’t overlook the opportunity to work temporarily or part-time at a company you want to join. Many times these positions transition into a full-time gig for those candidates who excel in their work. Consider working with a recruitment agency to help you with that big break.

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