How to Be a Good Coworker 

It is important that you get along with your coworkers and fit in at work. Many believe this is directly tied to your job satisfaction. There are things that you may be doing that are bothering your coworkers, so we created this list to help you get along with your coworkers.

Do Not Suck Up to the Boss

Everyone knows how important it is that your boss likes you and your work. That should not be achieved at the expense of your coworkers. Discussing their mistakes with your boss not only betrays their trust but portrays you as overly self-interested in turn making you untrustworthy. Having integrity when it comes to your relationship with your coworkers is essential. Try to discuss things with them first and foremost.

Be Quiet

It is best if you do not speak out of turn. Often times in the workplace people speak about things that are not in their area of expertise or responsibility. When this is done coworkers will recognize that you think you know more than them, this will discredit the knowledge that you do have. Be cautious about when you get involved in these discussions, this will avert this situation.

Remember Cubicle Etiquette

If you work in a cubicle or open office setting you should know your office etiquette, but just in case let’s review. You need to keep your area clean. Some people really struggle if their environment isn’t clean, so be respectful of that. This includes your dishes in the break area. No one wants to feel like the office mom cleaning everything up. Also it is probably just best to stay away from popcorn if you have a tendency to burn it. Noise level is the number one complaint of cubicle neighbors, so be cautious of the volume of your voice. It is likely that you have experienced trouble focusing because of the volume of someone else, so try not to reciprocate this.

Be Positive

The occasional office gossip is to be expected in almost all office environments. However being negative all the time about your coworkers is not a good way to build relationships. It can also be assumed by your coworkers that if you are always talking bad about people to them, that you are talking about them when they are not around. Just be positive, no one likes a negative, complaining coworker.

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