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How to Ace Your Interview 

I know there is a surplus of online tips to having a great interview, but I think there are a lot of other factors that are not being discussed.

Be Who You Say You Are

You need to be who you are presenting on your resume. If you are claiming to be a Senior Accountant, and have only been a staff accountant for a year, don’t be expected to be emailed or called for an interview. The minor things can affect you as well. Expert with SAP software should mean you are an expert with the software, and so on. You do want to present yourself in the best possible way, and involved with presenting yourself should be honesty. Don’t answer questions the way you feel will get you a job, especially if you are not going to be satisfied professionally in that role. You may end up being over looked for someone who expressed sincerity and honesty about that role.

Do Your Research

Actually, I think I should repeat that one, do your research! You could be the perfect fit for the company based on your experience, but if you walk in knowing nothing about the company or the people you are meeting with, it could reflect an inability to prepare before hand, lack of initiative, or that you are not really interested about the position. Companies pride themselves on their history and their team, check out what they have online and gather any information you can about them, knowing the company could be the key in being remembered after you walk out that door.

Be Presentable

Taking care of your body is seen as taking pride in your career, having your hair styled nicely, clean fingernails, proper fitting clothing and clean footwear will be remembered. These are the subtle messages that are being conveyed which, unconsciously will be remembered and factored in. Don’t go overboard though, you want this to remain on the subconscious level, I remember a person who interviewed and had all the designer logos showing from his glasses to his socks. They were all the same, and frankly it stood out instead of being something that should have remained on the subconscious level.

Be Yourself

Lastly, don’t try to be someone you are not! Your presentation matters, how you present yourself is a reflection of who you are. Be genuine and approachable, feel good about yourself and reflect that in what you say and do. Best of luck on your upcoming interview!

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