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Writing a Resignation Letter 

Writing a Resignation Letter

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your resignation, we recommend that you resign in person or via phone if you are working remotely. Then follow up with a professional resignation letter. The letter can be delivered in person, via postal mail or email. We recommend sending emailed resignation letters in adobe (.pdf) format, but a word (.doc) format will work, too. Keep in mind that any formal documentation, including a resignation letter, will become part of your permanent employment file, so be professional.

Keep it Simple

Your resignation letter should be brief and to the point. You don’t need to include lengthy explanations about why you are resigning. A basic resignation letter should include the fact that you’re resigning and the last day you will work. It’s fine to thank the employer for the opportunities they have provided to you, as well.

Keep it Positive

It is not a requirement to include a reason for your resignation, but it is okay to do so if you can avoid being negative. If you have any comments we suggest communicating them with a constructive tone in your exit interview, not in your resignation letter. If possible, offer to help during the transition and afterwards.

Email Resignation

We recommend email resignation only when there are geographic constraints that interfere with a personal resignation. While sending an email resignation is much easier, it should be avoided if you can coordinate a meeting to resign in person.

Example Resignation Letter

January 1, 2011
Jay Lucas
True North 70 NE Loop 410, Suite 850
San Antonio, TX 78216

Dear Mr. Lucas,

I am writing to inform you of my resignation, effective today, January 1, 2011. My last day of employment with True North will be January 15, 2011. Middle Paragraph (Optional) – This section should thank your employer for the opportunities you have had during your employment with the company. I am pleased to help in any way, so please let me know what I can do to ensure that the transition process goes smoothly.

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