Why You Should Stay Transparent with Your Job Listing 

When you’re starting to hire again, you should take the time to develop an ideal job listing so people will come with resumes in hand. However, a job listing is more than words on paper or a website. The posting is and should be representative of what you’re offering at the company. People who apply to your job posting do so with the expectation that what they see is what they’re getting. Consequently, it’s in your best interest to make sure the listing is as honest and transparent as possible.

What it means to be clear

Clarity in a job posting is a vital aspect of the hiring process. According to HireRight,
75 percent of job seekers spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a job posting before deciding to apply. While on the one hand that may give you a reason to offer as little content as possible, it may cause actual applicants to miss important details about the job that they only find out about during the interview process or later. That will make them feel like their time has been wasted on a job they actually don’t want. This wastes your time because you end up with uninterested candidates . In addition, the look and feel of the page will influence whether job seekers apply. That may give you an incentive to overextend yourself just to get the right people in the door, but you don’t want it to result in unhappy workers that have been misled.

“The look and feel of a job posting will influence whether potential applicants apply.”

What we advise you do is try to get the job posting right as much as you can. Bamboo HR suggests The key points you should consider are who your company is and what your applicants should bring to the table for the job. If
these are consistent throughout the job process, potential employees won’t feel like you’re taking advantage of them. Also, while there may be some wiggle room for compensation and benefits, you shouldn’t state one salary on the posting only to offer less when a person gets accepted.

Overall, a job listing should demonstrate what you are as a company. You’ll want to explain to applicants what it’s like to work at the company and what work they should expect when they join. If they feel they’re given different work from what was listed in the job description, they’ll be more likely to quit shortly after being hired. Honesty and transparency is what ensures a successful hire that lasts.

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