Employer Brand

Employer Brand One of the keys to great recruiting is learning how to judge talent. I have learned in my experience that there are grades of talent, and the highest is given to the job seeker that will almost undoubtedly receive an offer if given the chance to interview. In the same way that talent … Read more

The Real Truth About Job Tenure

A generation or two ago it was not at all uncommon for employees, and even the generations that followed them to commit their careers to one employer, or even one particular job at the same employer. There is no doubt that job tenure is a hiring criteria often considered by employers. While long-tenured employees demonstrate … Read more

Understanding Your Culture

Understanding Your Culture Culture is the element that holds everyone in your organization together. Almost all companies have a written document describing their vision, mission, and values, but company culture goes even deeper than this. It is an unwritten sensation that takes place within the walls of your organization. It is your vision, mission, and … Read more