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Child Advocates San Antonio (CASA) 

CASA is an organization that is making a big difference in the lives of neglected and abused children across Bexar County. CASA provides and trains court-appointed volunteers to serve as mentors for children taken out of the custody of unsatisfactory guardians. CASA volunteers offer children stability as they shift among several different foster homes in a short period of time. Because the volunteers work with the children frequently, they possess deep knowledge of their needs and wants. This insight ensures that the child’s best interests are met during life-altering transitions. CASA is unique because they cater to the rights of the children on an individual basis.

True North visited CASA on June 28th. During the trip, CASA members shared stories that provided examples of exactly what volunteers experience regularly. One advocate told a heart-wrenching story about a case that she worked on involving a child neglected so badly that upon being removed from her abusive home, she was placed on life support. The child, made a miraculous recovery, is now healthy and about to enroll in school due to the help of a hard working CASA volunteer. This story, as well as the others, showed the substantiality of the impact that CASA has on the lives of the children that they provide with care.

The facts:

  • More than 2,000 children in Bexar County are placed in foster care each year.
  • Last year, CPS confirmed over 5,700 child victims of abuse and neglect.
  • CASA served 1,351 of these neglected and abused children in Bexar County with the help of 400 volunteers.
  • CASA has provided care for neglected and abused children for 26 years.

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