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The Story Behind Reputable Recruiting 

At Reputable Recruiting, we are a group of passionate believers in people, business and commerce. We thrive on helping companies identify and acquire top talent. Our established and tenured team of talent acquisition professionals possess a combined experience of almost 100 years in recruiting and talent acquisition. We love partnering with companies who are dedicated to success and know that successful recruiting is far more than just filling a job. In every search we conduct, we are dedicated to helping employers and job seekers find the right “fit” to help in their endeavor to achieve success.

Our company was founded on core values that we commit to well beyond platitudes hung on a wall.   We believe in serving others above self, adding value to everything and everyone we interact with and building partnerships that empower our candidates to fulfill their calling and our clients to build teams that truly make a difference.

Our assembly of specialized recruiting brands makes it easy for employers and job seekers alike to find talent or careers in the following industries:

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Since 1978 Jordan Sitter Associates has been the premier provider of executive search and recruiting services for the Heavy Equipment Industry. Our clients are companies who manufacture, sell, service and rent agricultural, construction, mining, forestry, and material handling equipment.

True North has become the premier provider of executive search and recruiting services to established and reputable Civil Engineering, Professional Surveying and Commercial Construction firms in search of Project Engineers, Project Managers, Registered Professional Surveyors, and CAD Technicians. 

2 2 | Reputable Recruiting

3 | Reputable Recruiting


Since 2004, but now under our new brand, Tally, we have been providing executive search and recruiting services to Local and Regional CPA firms in search of Audit and Tax talent.  Additionally, we are experts in conducting CFO/Controller searches for growth oriented and established small & mid-market businesses in a variety of industries. 

We are no stranger to recruiting great IT talent.  Root Seven is our brand specializing in providing executive search and recruiting services to companies seeking hard-to-find tech talent.  We have deep expertise conducting Senior, Manager, Director & Executive IT searches for growth oriented and established small & mid-market businesses.

4 | Reputable Recruiting

Our specialized brands allow us to build deep candidate networks and lasting relationships so that we can quickly deliver the high-quality talent you need. We believe our excellent reputationindustry expertiseproven process, and our performance guarantee are the reason you should consider us for your search! While our reputation is important to us, but it is our passion for serving and helping others that is the foundation for Reputable Recruiting. In an industry that is often seen as having a negative reputation, we strive every day to break the mold by putting our people, not profits, foremost. 

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