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My Prayer – Our Pursuits 

Heavenly Father, you are the lover of our soul. You are tireless in your pursuit of us.At times you come to us as gently as the dew settles on the grass, yet at other times you are the rattling roar of a lion. You are the almighty. We thirst and seek to be quenched by the (finite) wells of this world, but you are an (infinite) eternal spring satisfying us forever.

We amuse ourselves with our own worldly pursuits. We glutton ourselves with (y)our first fruits. We are drunk on selfish endeavors and our hearts are blinded by worldly ambition. We keep you at a distance and hear not your roar. We shelter ourselves and feel not your dew. Focus our hearts on you, Lord. Give us hearts with an external focus, not internal. Demonstrate to us your bountywhen our hearts are centered on you.Show us that our gluttonous pursuits of this world will leave us gaunt and malnourished. Make us ravenous to eat your word, and to share its nutrition with others who are starving from their worldly gorge.

We lift you up! We praise your name! We rest fully and completely with you!You are our nourishment, our rest, our salvation!In your holy and everlasting name I pray! -Amen

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