My Prayer – Anchor in the Storm 

Gracious and almighty God you are our stronghold, our fortress, our inner harbor. In times of struggle may we seek you, just as the Israelites when they wandered the desert in search of the promised land. Our lives, unlike the Israelites, are easy. We have food, shelter, family, careers, relationships, hobbies, and many things offering contentment. Our contentment distracts us from seeking You first. Instead, we seek those things that are most present in our lives. You are our anchor in the storm. You are ever present and want us to call on you first, not last. We thank you for always being there for us. We thank you for the “storms” in our lives, because they draw us close to you. May we be ever mindful of your available shelter from life’s storms. We thank you for our salvation in Christ and for the scriptures. We also thank you for our many blessings. Let us not fail to recognize your providence and grace.

Our world is hurting, we ask your blessings for those in need. We ask that they will use life’s challenges to get close to You, whether it is illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, natural disaster, or any of life’s challenges. Be with us, our nation’s leaders, our troops, and with all those in the middle of life’s storms, for we know You are the only anchor we need. -Amen

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