My Prayer – A Heart Like David 

Lord almighty, You are a supreme God. You are like the sun. Without it, life is unsustainable. Life springs from your provision. You are abundant and everyone knows of your awesome power. You must be respected and revered otherwise we are destined to be burned. Many times we fail to respect your awesome power, your laws, your wishes, and what would demonstrate our love and respect. Just as with Solomon, these failed selections lead to significant consequences. We are inherently flawed and the evil of this world exploits these flaws. Insulate us and protect us Lord God. For what we know, we do not practice, and thus we stray. Remove our selfish pride that is the open door to sin. Help us mend our brokenness that causes this door to not only be cracked, but to gape open. Convict us with a heart like David, that we would pursue, respect, and seek to serve You first, not our own selfish desires. Make known your will, that it is clear, so that we don’t mistake in our choices. Forgive us for where we fail to honor and glorify You. Give us a heart like David, courageous and committed to You and your glory. Lift the burdens, worries, and concerns that weigh us down. Replace them with the warming and life-giving rays of Faith, Hope, and Love. Be with me and my family, and all who are in need. Let me be an example to others, a source of your pride. Humbly I lift this prayer to you in Jesus’ name. -Amen

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