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Action Plan for Finding a Job 

When the time comes for you to begin looking for a job there can be plenty of thoughts going through your mind. There can also be a lull where you are not sure what to do next. It is important that you find the right job for you and that you find it fast. Here are some actions items you can do to help you find a job efficiently in a way that does not always mean sitting in front of the computer.

1. Make a list of the companies you would like to work for.

This can seem simple, but really take your time and do your research. Make the effort to understand your city, what industries are successful, and what new businesses are in the area. Look through your local Business Journal or a Book of Lists to find up to date information. This should be a running list that is always evolving as you continue to look.

2. Think about who you know.

It is the hands you shake, is an age old phrase. It is true in your job search the edge you need to get in front of the right people is going to come from your friends. Make a list of friends and previous co-workers and include where they currently work. Compare this list to the list of companies you have made and start there. You can ask these people to lunch, email them when you apply for a posting online, or just ask them if they can connect you with someone in your particular skill area. Like the list above this list should always be growing.

3. Resources.

What are the resources that are available to help you during your search? Think about the resources that have been mentioned to you. Take time to look up recruiters in your skill set and location. They can help be a connection for you. Look into classes and networking events that will help you keep your skills sharp.

4. Organizations and Networking.

Make a list of all the organizations and affiliations that you may have, ie. college, graduate school, greek affiliation, and certifications. Find the groups and organizations that represent these affiliations and attend their meetings. Meet some new people and get out there. Read our networking article for more tips.

5. Set-up Alerts on the Job Boards.

You do not need to spend hours sifting through job postings. The main job boards will do this for you. Just go in and complete a profile, the site will pull for you the jobs that you are qualified for and email them to you. This is much more efficient than spending hours online trying to find them yourself.

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