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5 Ways to Turn Your Company into a Talent Destination 

All companies know finding, hiring and retaining top talent in their field can be a difficult endeavor. According to Forbes, many U.S. companies are
having a tough time securing the talent they need to compete. This has increased the competitive nature of the hiring process, leading to an increase in perks and benefits designed to lure in the most attractive talent.

“Companies are having trouble securing the talent they need to compete.”

While the talent pool you need to tap into can range in ages, millennial’s make up a considerable amount of that untapped, mold-able potential. Even though the unemployment rate sits at 5.4 percent in April, a recent survey by Pew Research revealed people between the ages of 16 and 34 also
comprise over half of the country’s unemployed. The high numbers of unemployment among millennial’s makes attracting the top talent out of these individuals a high priority. While these individuals do not have the same job experience as older generations, they still have the energy and skills to enter the workforce with enthusiasm and dedication. However, the high numbers of unemployment levels mean the most talented individuals are also the most in demand.

1. Work with a career recruiter

Since recruiters spend so much time meeting and interviewing potential hires, they are uniquely positioned to know which individuals will be the best fit for your company. These specialized individuals can help winnow out the unqualified candidates, thereby saving you time and money in the process.

2. Define your employee value proposition

The employee value proposition acts as the channel wherein employees receive rewards and benefits for their workplace performance. LinkedIn recommended boiling down how workers perceive their relationship to their position, so you can tweak or modify the EVP to find the perfect fit between worker productivity and the rewards they reap for their work.

3. Create visual metrics

By providing hiring managers and other pertinent personnel with the right kind of data in an appealing format, you can help them better understand what kinds of competition you face as well as what kind of candidates you’re seeking. Some hiring managers might be waiting for the elusive purple squirrel to show up without measuring how the local talent pool stacked up.

4. Let candidates self-select

After you receive the emails from people interested in the position, reply to all the job seekers and invite them to an open house. From there, you let the candidates decide if they want to show up. According to The Wall Street Journal, this process helps weed out unenthusiastic candidates who lack the necessary passion for the position.

5. Seek out the candidates you want

Chances are, the right hire for position you want already has a job at a different company and are not actively seeking out new employment. Seek out ideal candidates on LinkedIn or other social media sites and periodically send them a pitch or an enticing offer. While this method won’t always work and in some instances can create a conflict of interests, it provides you with the ability to essentially handpick your employees.

By carefully designing and implementing a hiring strategy, your company will have more success finding the most qualified and talented individuals for your business.

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