Rec Tech: What are the best Recruiting Technologies? 

Digital Transformation, neologism, and Rec Tech (Recruiting Technology). What is ‘Neologism’ you ask? Well, Neologism is defined as a newly coined word or expression, or the coining or use of new words. Since the cloud revolution began several years ago, tech start-ups fueled by investor capital and programmers armed with elegant programming languages have been moving us away from on-premise client server technologies into the exciting Software as a Service (SaaS) world.

The SaaS universe is comprised of all types of technology. The purpose of said technology is to simplify, automate and improve businesses in many industries and the staffing and recruiting industry is no exception! For this reason, we’ve outlined examples of newly coined words or expressions for several industry tech products.

  • Fin Tech (Financial Technology)
  • Reg Tech (Regulatory Technology)
  • Mar Tech (Marketing Technology)
  • Health Tech (Healthcare Technology)
  • Comm Tech (Communication Technology)
  • Ed Tech (Education Technology)
  • HR Tech (Human Resources Technology)
  • Rec Tech (Recruiting Technology)

So, what does this have to do with recruiting? Well, it has everything to do with recruiting! As companies compete in the War for Talent, traditional recruiting methods and practices are causing less technologically savvy companies to struggle in the battle. Internal HR departments, Talent Acquisition & Recruiting departments can benefit greatly from rec tech. By the same token, recruiting agencies can also benefit immensely from implementing the right recruiting technology.

Rec tech can provide tremendous capabilities to help your organization get to the front of the line for top talent. In other words, no more paper resumes, no more post and pray job advertisements, no more static databases, no more disengaged talent locked in the deep recesses of your applicant tracking system. You get the picture!

Rec Tech Examples:

In previous articles, we’ve talked a lot about how to select a recruiting firm. We’ve discussed such topics as Reputation, Specialization, Guarantees, Proven Process, and Technology. Below are examples of rec tech available to help drive improvements to your recruiting process with the goal of finding talent faster.

Advertising Branding

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Engagement

Candidate Screening

Reputation Management

System Integrations

When it comes to driving a high-performance recruiting and talent acquisition program, it’s important to consider the RecTech necessary to help drive results. Above all, those organizations with the ability to integrate their disparate SaaS based solutions are undoubtedly capable of becoming best in class. Our RecTech is a key component to the overall success of Reputable Recruiting. By utilizing RecTech effectively, we help our clients improve time to hire, cost per hire, and candidate experience.

To conclude, if you are looking for a tech-savvy partner to augment your organization’s hiring capabilities, then let us know. Our reputation, industry specialization, proven process, and deployment of leading-edge rec tech are what sets us apart.

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