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Why Contract to Perm Can Be a Good Thing 

All too often contract jobs are looked at negatively by job seekers, so much so that they will turn down contract roles. In our industry we often come across contract jobs that employer’s state will turn into permanent roles, all things considered. According to a Career Builder Survey 36 percent of companies are going to hire contract workers this year. This is a large percentage of the jobs that are out there and should not be quickly overlooked. In addition, 35 percent of the companies hiring temporary workers have plans to hire them on a permanent basis. Here are some reasons why a contract job may be a good thing:

Get Back to Work Soon

If you are currently unemployed it is important that you get back to work quickly. Long stints of unemployment that were not taken for a specific reason are a red flag on your resume. A contract role no matter how long it is will fill in some gaps. When you are back at work you will feel more challenged and confident, and can still interview for other roles.

Build Your Skills

Just like every new position you take you will learn new skills. These skills are something that you can use in your career in the future and also put on your resume. During your time in the role you will develop a new and current network where you can draw referrals from.

Better View of the Position

When you interview with a company you can learn a lot about how they conduct their business. There are questions you can ask to be sure you have all the information you need to make a decision. However, whenever you accept this role there are probably going to be things that are unexpected to you. Things like soft skills you need to be productive or types of management styles. By working with the company before you are committed to a full time role you will truly know what the role is like because you have done it.


If at the end of your contract you are offered the role, you can accept or decline with confidence. At this point you will know that your boss, the hiring manager, and your coworkers really want you there. You will have a good understand of the workload, culture, and coworker dynamics. This is not something you would necessarily get from an interview. We hope that after reading this article you will think twice about saying no to a contract job.

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