What are the types of Recruitment Process Outsourcing? 

For decades Executive Search and Staffing has been the go-to solutions companies would consider when hiring an agency recruiter. Recruiting, though, has come a long way in the last decade. There are solutions now that serve as alternatives to enlarging HR teams or killing your budget with staffing or executive search solutions. What you may not know is that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is not a one-size fits all approach. RPO offers a handful of solutions designed to meet your specific hiring need. In this article we will cover a few common recruitment process outsourcing solutions.

FUNCTIONAL (RPO) – This solution is designed to help companies acquire a specific type of talent with functional or demographic requirements.  Some of the options for Functional recruitment process outsourcing include:

  • Top of Funnel Sourcing – This solution helps companies with top-of-funnel sourcing to improve passive talent acquisition. The goal is to provide Qualified, Interested, and Available talent to a company’s talent pipeline. This solution is a great option for augmenting a lean recruiting or human resources function.
  • Functional Recruiting – Functional recruiting is similar to Top-of-Funnel sourcing, but is dedicated to a specific function or skill set. We see it applied to technical and sales positions, but largely depends on the company and the services they provide. It could also be university recruiting. Lots of options on this one.
  • Diversity Recruiting – Diversity recruiting is a common challenge for many companies and their HR organization.
  • Geographic Recruiting – Pretty self-explanatory on this one.  Think international, country regions, or local operation of a global company.

ON-DEMAND (RPO) – This solution is a widely adopted approach for companies with hiring needs as a result of a circumstance. Below are a few examples to give you an idea of what might prompt on-demand recruitment process outsourcing.

  • Corporate Relocation – Many companies are looking to relocate functions in their business to help optimize/improve company performance. Many employees will take a severance instead of move, triggering demand.
  • Merger or Acquisition – M&A can be the cause for hiring for many reasons. It can fuel growth capital, attrition, or top-grading. In the end, M&A can drive a lot of short-term recruiting needs.
  • Volatility & Flux – This one we see most with tech companies trying to satisfy shareholders. If you are frequently freezing and unfreezing hiring, it makes effective recruiting a challenge. Recruiting is a process that fails to be effective in a constant start/stop environment.
  • New Funding – Growth is always a fun reason for hiring. It likely means you have a great product or concept in high demand, which creates a fun team and culture. To capitalize on the opportunity, growth funding will drive a lot of hiring, not just investment in capital expenditures.

FULL LIFECYCLE (RPO) – Full Lifecycle recruitment process outsourcing offers the blend of people, process, technology, and affordability. This solution is common for growing start-ups with no budget, time, or infrastructure.  But, mature small businesses can also benefit from this solution. Examples could be: CPA Firm, Civil Engineering Firm, Law Firm, or Managed IT Firm (MSP). They hire consistently for high demand skills. In this case a fractional solution would make sense if they can’t support a full-time recruiter.

  • Technology –Foundational to measurable results is technology.  This should include an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It may also include additional recruiting technologies to increase applicant flow.
  • Labor – Technology is great, but it’s only as good as it’s user.  A good RPO will have well-trained recruiters. The will handle everything from job intake to offer negotiation (and everything in between).
  • Process – Process is key because it drives consistency and efficiency in the application of your people and technology. If you have the first two, but your processes are weak, then results will suffer.
  • Reporting – Reporting is measurement of the application of your people, process, and technology.  Data is king, so a great solution will provide insights into activity volume, conversion ratios, demographics, and other insights.

In conclusion, there are many affordable, flexible solutions that a recruitment process outsourcing approach can provide. Whatever your hiring needs are, we’ve got the solution for you. Recruiting good talent affordably and reliably doesn’t have to be hard, or costly. Get in touch today and let us help!

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