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Start 2015 with Job Search Resolutions You Can Keep 

As an accounting professional, you have something to look forward to with the new year: not only parties, but more money. According to Accounting Web, accounting and finance jobs are expected to earn up to 4.4 percent more in 2015 than they did in 2014. With such a strong demand for accountants, you have the skills and experience to get a better paying job than you had this year. Of course, what are you doing to get ready for a job in the new year? Here are some resolutions that will start you off on the right foot.

Learning from the past

It goes without saying that the reason you’re looking for work is probably because you don’t like the job you currently have. This may be because you made some initial mistakes during the job search. U.S. News suggests
learning from your past mistakes by figuring out things that you may have otherwise missed previously in the job application process. For example, the interviewer may have callously disregarded your experience, which resulted in you being put in a lesser position that didn’t value your talent. With the Great Recession long gone, the goal of your job search shouldn’t be to simply find something, but to find a position that you’ll make you happy.

Do things to get results

A job search isn’t just about looking for jobs that suit you. There’s also a lot of social interaction that you have to do as well. Even if you get just the right resume for a given position, it’s not going to mean much if you’re not hustling out there and speaking with people about it, according to finance blog MoneySavingPro. While it’s important to do you research and see what’s out there, you can also get results by putting on a sharp suit and kipper tie, going out to events and networking. You should attempt to win some interviews and opportunities to pitch yourself to potential employers. Projecting yourself to other professionals can get the results you want out of networking, as well as the job you desire.

Rework your network

Speaking of networking, think about the last time you did that. How did it go? Did you meet people that pushed you in the right direction, or did you stay by the drinks table because everyone in the room was in a field you’re not involved in? If the latter, it may be time to look at new networks and events. Look up local accounting organizations that may fit your expertise more, and you might meet some important people as a result.

Help people out

You might think that, as you hunt down a job, it’s best to keep your cards close. However, sometimes there may be a friend who needs a job, and you know someone who needs a relevant position filled. Help your friends out and get them hired. It’ll make you feel good, it’ll put you on stronger terms with your friends, and it will strengthen your position in your network, making it easier for you to get hired.

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