Job Seeker Survey – Part 2

It is interesting how during times of high unemployment and economic uncertainty professionals are somehow able to sift through the fear and stress and identify what is most important to them in a job.

While losing your job is stressful, there is a strange liberation that can occur giving strength for some to seek only ideal opportunities. “Simply Hired” recently completed a survey of job seekers about what is important to them. The survey revealed the following:

  • What would make a job, a job you love? The work (37%), The people (29%), The pay (20%), Location (8%), Benefits (6%)
  • 83% said they Would you rather have a job they loved, than a job that pays well that they didn’t like. The same number said that their primary career goal for this year is to find a job they love.
  • What work-related benefit is non-negotiable? Healthcare/Insurance (43%), Salary (25%), Commute (12%), Other benefits (17%)
  • 43% of respondents said they would be willing to commute 30 minutes to an hour, while another 38% said they would be unwilling to commute more than 30 minutes.
  • When asked about relocation, job seekers said the following: Absolutely (22%), It depends on the offer (37%), It depends on location (18%), No way (19%)

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