Is your recruiter like the Wizard of Oz? 

Truth be told, most companies and hiring managers who engage a recruiter have little understanding of the process behind a successful (or unsuccessful) search.  We often joke that recruiters are like the Wizard of Oz in the eyes of most companies and/or hiring managers.  It is hard to argue, honestly.  The typical process goes like this:

  1. Recruiter picks up your job description.
  2. Your recruiter may ask questions to try to understand the job (and hopefully your company).
  3. The recruiter disappears for a while.
  4. Candidates show up in your inbox (hopefully with a supportive and honest write-up).
  5. You decide if they are a fit, ask questions, and/or disposition or interview the candidate.

All in all, that isn’t a bad process. However, it leaves the consumer (company & hiring manager) knowing little about what the recruiter has done to ensure they have cast a relevant and wide net that reaches both passive and active job seekers.  In our analysis, the quality ratios between passive candidates and active are considerable. Below is an example graphic representing the quality and volume of the output of talent from a segment of data pulled from our system. As you can see, the difference in interview worthy candidates is significant, as is the amount of work that goes into finding the right fit for your company (at least that is true for us!)

A recruiting comparison between active and passive candidates.

Questions to Ask Your Recruiter:

If you want to know what you are getting before you decide to engage a recruiter to help with your next hire, you may want to ask them a few questions.  Here are a few questions we advise asking as you begin the process of looking for a recruitment agency:

  • Can you walk me through your entire process, step by step?
  • Will you allow me to see the data associated with the search I’m entrusting to you?
  • What is your process for attracting passive talent? How about active talent?
  • Can you tell me what your process is for screening talent?
  • Lastly, how long does your process take to execute?  What is best and worst case?

In addition, you can access this article from our blog to help with “How to Select a Recruiting Firm

Suffice it to say, our process is proven.  Not only can we walk our clients through each step, we can show them the technology deployed in our technical stack as well. Our tech stack coupled with our proven process ensures recruiter efficiency. Ultimately, the combination of the two allows us to help our clients fill jobs quickly, reduce “time-to-hire”, as well as affordably, reducing “cost-per-hire”. To boot, we guarantee our performance. 

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