How Long Does it Take You to Hire a New Employee? 

How long does it take you to hire a new employee? According to SHRM, the average time it takes to hire a new employee is 36 days. That’s only if you’re lucky!

Let me tell you a story of a client we’ve worked with for over 4 years now. One of the CPA firms we recruit for is a 3rd generation accounting firm with approximately 15 employees. Four years ago, the Owner and Managing Partner visited with us and expressed his frustration on how long it takes him to find a new hire, especially when it’s back-filling a position unexpectedly. He walked us through the process of paying for a job posting, crossing his fingers a great candidate sees the job advertisement and applies. This rarely ever happens.

Often, the best candidates are those who are already employed and not actively on the job hunt. These passive candidates may be the perfect candidate for your open position, but the chances of them seeing your job advertisement online are slim to none. Three months of praying and no new hire.  He was very close to a new hire, but the candidate took another offer from a larger firm. 

By then, he is ready to bite the bullet and call a recruiting firm and know he’s going to have to write a large check in the end.  Keep in mind, the recruiting firm still has to take time to ramp up their search, screen the candidates, present the resumes and then go through the interview process in hopes to extend an offer and an acceptance by the candidate. 

All while you are hoping another firm does not offer the same candidate a job as well.  From start to finish, it could be at least 6 months before a new hire walks through his doors. Busy season has come and gone throughout the course of this hiring process.  

Six months of lost revenue, delegating work to others, increased stress and decreased job satisfaction and not to mention, the painful cost of writing that a check out to an outsourced recruiting firm.

Can you relate to this story?

Do you wish there was a way to constantly have a bench of qualified and interested candidates available at your disposal in case a critical hire is in the future? 

After witnessing dozens of these scenarios play out to no avail, we’re approaching recruitment & hiring in a new way. We are excited to say that we can provide a much better solution! Our fractional recruiting solution can help with you the following:

  • Stay ahead of the hiring curve
  • Stabilize your recruiting expenses
  • Produces a much better pool of qualified talent

All while aligning your recruiting partner with YOUR business needs, not their pocketbook.

Our RPO solution is a unique approach that dedicates a recruiter on a fractional basis. This approach blends value-added recruiting labor with world class sourcing, candidate engagement, and applicant tracking systems for a flat monthly rate based on your hiring volume.

Our fractional recruiting services may a fit for you if you are looking to reduce your recruiting costs and time to hire. The next time you are looking to hire a new employee, keep us in mind. For more on this process, check out this video.

Get in touch with us today if this sounds like a solution that could be beneficial to your recruitment process! We’d love to partner with you and assist with your recruiting needs! 

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