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Frequently Asked Questions About Recruiting 

Frequently Asked Questions About Recruiting

What does a recruiter do?

Recruiters, first, work with employers to understand and scope the details of their need. Secondly, they leverage all of their knowledge, systems, and experience to identify and introduce active and passive job seekers to their clients. Finally, they help manage the process for both employers and job seekers to ensure immediate and long-term expectations are satisfied.

Why should your company use a recruiter?

Employers should use recruiters to identify talent for critical positions, or positions they are unable to fill through the means available to them. Great employers know that their primary objective is to hire the best candidate, not just the best available candidate.

How do we find our candidates?

We leverage a proven methodology and leading edge systems developed and refined from more than 50 collective years of experience. The core of our operation is our customized applicant tracking system. In addition, we leverage multiple third party applications and our deep knowledge and experience to craft sourcing strategies that help us connect with a high volume of talent. Complete integration of all our systems optimizes our process and results in a shorter talent delivery process.

What is the process we put candidates through before you meet them?

We begin by evaluating the nuances of their resume, like experience, work history, and size and scope of experience. Candidates who make it to the next phase are engaged by an experienced recruiter who will spend a significant amount of time interviewing them. The interview provides us with two things. First, we develop a ‘skills inventory’ that helps us understand a candidate’s complete skill set, not just the skills for a particular job. And, second, we learn the ancillary details to ensure a good fit. These details include job type and scope, geographic and travel preferences, commitment level, compensation requirements, family and relocation details, to name a few. Once we have completed this process, we then begin to discuss with them the position and client information and help them identify alignment with their skills and interests. We then encourage the candidate to do some research on our client, so they can understand their industry, vision, mission, values, etc. After completing their due diligence, we then submit their resume to the client for consideration.

Why use Reputable Recruiting and not another recruiting firm?

We have a highly experienced team, proven track record, and our values and ethics ensure we are committed to the needs of others first. We don’t just fill jobs, we fill them successfully!

Why use Reputable Recruiting over a national firm?

While there are perceived benefits from engaging a national firm, I would bet that the average experience of their recruiters is dramatically less. Our recruiters are not bound by performance metrics that put them at odds with achieving what is best for the employer and the job seeker. In the end, the answer is that we find the best fit, save the employer time, and provide the best return on their investment.

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