3 Ways To Get and Keep Talent 

Hard work and fresh, innovative ideas provided by key talent are the foundation of a growing company. The world’s most successful companies are developing creative ways to ensure the workplace is enjoyable for top employees. Maintaining an exciting workplace strays highly desired talent from seeking better employment options. The business world is flourishing and key employees want to work for the best company available to them.

Get Creative With Compensation Programs

The world’s top companies have developed innovative compensation programs to retain key talent. Google is an example of a growing company that offers perks to make sure that employees enjoy coming to work each day. The ‘Googleplex’ in California offers on-site swimming, haircuts, exercise facilities, gourmet cafes, doctors, and laundry services. Google even allows employees to bring their dogs to work! 1These incentives are particularly appealing to young workers with fresh ideas looking for an open-minded work setting. While not all companies have the funds to offer what the Googleplex does, small incentives such as casual dress days, make a difference. Competitive pay can reel in top-talent, but it is fun compensation programs that will keep key employees.

Build a Sense of Community

Building a sense of community within the workplace makes work enjoyable for everybody. Fun competitions bring employees closer together. An example may be to give out a trophy to sit on the desk of the office’s weekly top-performer. This provides friendly competition and motivation to work hard. Take key talent out of the office once in a while and have them participate in team-building and community service events. Furthermore, an organized manager with a clear vision for the company and good ethics is an asset for every workplace.

Give Talent Room to Progress

Giving key-talent room to progress ensures their retention. If employees are given the opportunity to pursue a higher-paying job within their current company they will be more likely to work towards internal positions rather than look for outside opportunities. According to Forbes, nearly half (49%) of all surveyed employees have considered leaving their current job.2 Lack of job security is a determining factor when employees seek new jobs, so it is essential to provide workers with room to grow.

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