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Who Is Interviewing Whom? 

The ultimate goal of any interview is to create the perfect match, for both the employer and the candidate. The employer would like to have an individual with the skills they need, that fits their culture, and will ultimately enjoy their job. The candidate is looking for a job they will enjoy, that uses their skills, and is in an environment they thrive in. So this leaves the question, who is interviewing who?

To the Candidate

You should be evaluating the employer. Every job you take can and does affect your career, in a positive or negative way. You should make educated and wise choices about every position and company you consider.

When the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?” Take this opportunity to ask what you would like to know about the company, your potential peers, and your potential manager. Ask questions that will get you real answers about how the company functions. Areas to consider:

  • The company’s reputation in the business world
  • Opportunities for growth and advancement, does the company promote from within
  • How do they support furthering education
  • Does the culture reward innovation
  • If you are excited about a job and feel it will be a good fit you will be more engaged in your interview, and this will come through. Your goal of the interview should be to convince the employer you would be a good fit, and assess if the employer is a good fit for you.

To the Interviewer

Every company has a different interview and hiring process.

However, interviewers need to be prepared to be interviewed. You need to have a strong understanding of the company’s culture, goals, vision, and functionality. You want to be sure to answer all of the candidate’s questions accurately, so that you will hire the best fit for the position.

Who is interviewing who? The answer to this question is: interviewing is a two way street, it is a conversation. Everyone needs to sell themselves and everyone should evaluate their needs.

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