My Prayer – Thanks be to God 

God of grace you are a providential God. You tend to our every need with sovereignty and great care. If we are in a game of ‘tag’ you would be ‘home base’, because when we are with you we are always safe. We fail to recognize your sovereignty over our every breath, our every blink, our every joy. We are forgetful and quick to be overtaken by our pride and ego, which tells us that weare the source of each breath, blink, and joy. Yet, when struggle and peril invade our comforts we are so quick to ask you “why?” It is only in our humility, when our pride is stripped by the challenges of life that we can truly draw near to you and be sincere in our Thanks. May humility be the answered prayer this Thanksgiving, for humility is the first step in recovery and is the beginning of our trip back to a true relationship with you.

I am thankful for my health, my family and their health, for our individual gifts and talents, for our home, our neighborhood, our true friends, for life’s struggles and how they always lead to something incredible, my work which I pursue passionately and with great joy, for laughter and tears, for conflict and the promise of resolution.

I am thankful for a country with civil liberties, freedom, and rich with opportunity for all who are willing to exert themselves in the application of their gifts and talents. For the many troops (past, present, & future) and their families who have sacrificed all to selflessly preserve these freedoms often taken for granted.

Most of all I am thankful for your tireless pursuit of a relationship with us. You led your people from Egypt and into the promised land. You prospered them and they became a great nation. Even in their pursuit of other Gods you were patient, forever calling them back to you. In the greatest show of love you gave us your son, whereby belief in Him would offer us a place in Heaven so that one day we would be able to dwell with you. Our minds cannot begin to comprehend just how special this gift is, because we are limited by our imagination. Even the greatest of all imaginations cannot describe just how great an eternity in Heaven with you will be. Thanks be to you great, all powerful, and eternal God! -Amen

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