What is Diversity, Inclusion and Equity?

How do diversity, inclusion, and equity programs impact culture?

Peter Drucker, a legendary management consultant once wrote, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This is not to suggest that strategy is unimportant. Rather, that an organization with clear and widely employed vision, mission, and values is a more certain path to success.  So, how do diversity, inclusion, and equity programs impact culture?  To better understand […]

What Talent Acquisition Looks Like During A Pandemic

Talent Acquisition During a Global Pandemic

As we slide into 2021, the global pandemic is far from over despite introducing a new vaccine. Covid caused turmoil for businesses in every industry. Local governments issued a slew of overnight changes and shelter in place orders to help stop the virus from spreading. In some ways, it changed the way we work and […]

Is Strategic Planning Important to Employment Branding?

Is Strategic Planning Important to Employer Branding?

For more than two decades I have been involved in helping companies acquire the talent they need to help them reach their goals and achieve their objectives. I’ve learned that not even the best recruiter can help a company attract and keep the best talent. The reality is that each employer (company, department, etc.) has […]

12 Agency Recruiting Metrics to Track for Success

Agency Recruiting Metrics

There is saying, “What gets measured gets done.” I’d have to agree, and without metrics continuous improvement is near impossible. Recruiting metrics and KPIs alone are not only helpful, but critical to the health of your organization. We suggest that the best track and find ways to continuously improve their baseline numbers.  With any luck, your […]

10 Factors in Calculating Total Cost per Hire

Having been in the recruiting industry for decades, we’ve surveyed hundreds of hiring managers, business owners, and executives about what they like least related to using an external (aka agency) recruiter.  No surprise, the biggest issue for the vast majority is cost.  To better understand what was meant, we simply asked, “if you paid an […]

6 Critical Recruiting Metrics

Critical recruiting metrics to keep track for ultimate search success.

Perhaps you feel that recruiters are all the same, and that recruiting services are a commodity.  That may be true in some ways. Would you say the same about your doctor, dentist, attorney, hair stylist? Recruiting, like many professional services, can seem like a cheap commodity with one provider, or high-value experience with another. The question […]

Is your recruiter like the Wizard of Oz?

Is you recruiter like the Wizard of Oz?

Truth be told, most companies and hiring managers who engage a recruiter have little understanding of the process behind a successful (or unsuccessful) search.  We often joke that recruiters are like the Wizard of Oz in the eyes of most companies and/or hiring managers.  It is hard to argue, honestly.  The typical process goes like […]

How to Choose the Best Recruiting Model for Your Business

Understanding different types of recruiting models

Has your company ever experienced a vacancy in several positions? When jobs remain unfilled for weeks or even months, it can cause a tremendous amount of organizational stress. That is why companies are constantly looking at ways to improve their recruiting process. Many employers are not aware that outsourced recruiting is not a singular, one-size-fits-all […]

What is considered to be a good hire?

What is a good hire?

Selecting a new employee with the hope that they’ll make a good hire can be difficult for hiring managers. Typically, you are unaware if the decision made was the right one until months after the position has been filled. The first thing to consider throughout the interview process is – does this person have the […]

When To Consider Outsourced Recruiting Services

Outsourced recruiting services: the new and improved recruiting method,

You have likely run into hiring challenges at some point in time or you may currently be facing these challenges. It’s likely that you struggle to find the talent you need and to make matters worse the talent you need is the very resource that drives your revenue. This article explains some of the common reason’s […]