Are Employers to Blame for the Diesel Technician Shortage?


Many heavy equipment OEMs, dealers, remanufacturers, and rental companies are struggling with the diesel technician shortage. What’s behind the shortage? We’ve learned from our many interviews with diesel technicians that there are several factors, which we highlight below, that are the reasons why you are struggling to hire and keep your diesel technicians.  Most of […]

What is Cultural Dilution and How to Avoid It

We’ve all heard the expression, “too much of a good thing ain’t always good.”  Can this really be true when it comes to corporate growth? Can too much growth be a bad thing? Not only does rapid growth put strain on systems and processes it can also have an impact on the very thing that […]

Why People, Process and Technology are Vital to an Organization’s Success

How an organization's success relies heavily on people, process and technolgy.

If you’ve ever cooked a meal or made a cake, then you know that there are multiple components necessary to achieve success. It is not enough to have a recipe and the ingredients. Likewise, it is not enough just having an oven, stove, and utensils. Also key to success, is having the proper training and […]

Is Total Compensation All About the Money?

For 25+ years we have recruited on thousands of searches for companies in just about every industry. These companies have ranged in size from start-up to Fortune 50.  The result of our work has led to tens of thousands of candidate interviews. Here’s what we’ve learned: total compensation is not all about the money. Almost […]

Hitachi partners with Jordan Sitter for upcoming hiring efforts

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Jordan Sitter and Hitachi. Hitachi is a strong, global, competitive enterprise providing total solutions for customers in the heavy construction and mining equipment industry. Jordan Sitter is the premier provider of recruiting and executive search services to heavy machinery manufacturers, dealers, and rental companies representing industries […]

When to consider upgrading your Applicant Tracking System

When to Consider Upgrading Your Applicant Tracking System

How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your applicant tracking system?  There are few things to consider and understand to help you know if an upgrade is warranted.  First, you need to understand and evaluate your situation from different perspectives. It must make sense from the employer standpoint as well as the candidate […]

Rec Tech: What are the best Recruiting Technologies?

Digital Transformation, neologism, and Rec Tech (Recruiting Technology).  What is ‘Neologism’ you ask?  Well, Neologism is defined as a newly coined word or expression, or the coining or use of new words.  Since the cloud revolution began several years ago, tech start-ups fueled by investor capital and programmers armed with elegant programming languages have been […]

Is a Satisfaction Guarantee Important to Selecting a Recruiter?

Let’s face it, the staffing and recruiting industry doesn’t have the greatest reputation.  Many companies have hired a recruiter and paid hefty fees that yielded little or no ROI. As a result, we encounter a lot of resistance from companies needing to hire key talent and for good reason. Most of these companies (who are […]

What is the Civil Engineering Crazy Cycle?

Every civil engineering firm has two funnels that drive business. The first is your sales funnel, which is a lot easier to fill in periods of economic growth. Assuming you do this well, then the next funnel you must fill is your production funnel. For civil engineers, this means surveys, drawings, blueprints, and drafts. The […]

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing All or Some of Your Recruiting Department?

Should you consider an external recruiting department?

In our world, running companies and their departments as lean and efficiently as possible directly affects a company’s bottom line. Human Resources is no different. Finding the right combination of FTE’s (full time equivalents), contractors and outsourced responsibilities can maximize an organization’s time and money. Following are some great examples of why outsourcing all or […]