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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Networking 

When it comes to being a job seeker, you really have to hustle to get leads that turn into applications, interviews and eventually jobs. Sometimes, searching on the Internet through Google or Indeed may help. But more often than not, you’ll rarely get results unless you meet people. Getting a job very much remains a social game, and social media outlets such as LinkedIn and Twitter should be leveraged in this manner. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need some skills in how you present yourself both online and offline. Here are a few ways to make yourself more presentable when networking:

1. Look yourself up on Google

It may seem obvious, but not many people Google themselves. However, employers and others will look you up to see what you’ve been doing. You should do the same for yourself, according to Business News Daily.
The results may vary, but if there isn’t a positive perception of you being shown on that first page, you’ll want to do what you can to address this problem in an effective manner. For example, if information is missing on certain pages, update them. If embarrassing pictures from Facebook are showing up, do what you can to remove them.

2. Keep yourself active

It’s one thing to maintain a positive image. It’s another matter entirely to be constantly on the Web, showing that you’re out there. But that’s an essential element of great social networking. Companies looking for new people are far more interested in you if you’re actively making posts or status updates as they relate to their business. More importantly, by being an active social networker, these firms are able to see you in a present sense. If your profiles are out of date, they may feel less comfortable contacting you because of uncertainty.

3. Reach out to the right people

When looking for work, it may be wise to reach out to people who are important and influential in getting a job for you, according to software firm BidSketch. At the same time, just flat out requesting help from them
won’t get you far. Taking a gradual approach works better. Talk to them about the things they have done, recognize them in their field and draw on their experience in communications. Not only will that bolster their egos and demonstrate you know their field, but it will also make them more comfortable with talking to you.

4. Stay positive

While networking, you have to keep a bright demeanor throughout everything. Your attitude should be upbeat, your communications positive. There is a great degree of comfort when those around you are happy. In addition, people are more receptive to language that is both encouraging and inviting. Accordingly, this makes you a more attractive candidate.

5. Get out once in awhile

While social networking online has made many people feel more connected than before, it’s not the primary solution for all your needs. Every so often, you’ll have to
get off the computer and do real-life networking. Forbes recommends this because, even if you connect with the right people, meeting them in person makes them far more inclined to establish a professional relationship with you than before, which can help your career.

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