10 Factors in Calculating Total Cost per Hire

Having been in the recruiting industry for decades, we’ve surveyed hundreds of hiring managers, business owners, and executives about what they like least related to using an external (aka agency) recruiter. No surprise, the biggest issue for the vast majority is cost. To better understand what was meant, we simply asked, “if you paid an … Read more

6 Critical Recruiting Metrics

Critical recruiting metrics to keep track for ultimate search success.

Perhaps you feel that recruiters are all the same, and that recruiting services are a commodity. That may be true in some ways. Would you say the same about your doctor, dentist, attorney, hair stylist? Recruiting, like many professional services, can seem like a cheap commodity with one provider, or high-value experience with another. The … Read more

Is your recruiter like the Wizard of Oz?

Is you recruiter like the Wizard of Oz?

Truth be told, most companies and hiring managers who engage a recruiter have little understanding of the process behind a successful (or unsuccessful) search.  We often joke that recruiters are like the Wizard of Oz in the eyes of most companies and/or hiring managers.  It is hard to argue, honestly.  The typical process goes like … Read more