Employer Brand

Employer Brand One of the keys to great recruiting is learning how to judge talent. I have learned in my experience that there are grades of talent, and the highest is given to the job seeker that will almost undoubtedly receive an offer if given the chance to interview. In the same way that talent … Read more

Basic Interview Tips for Job Seekers

Basic interview tips for a successful interview.

If you’re reading this article, you’re more than likely in the interview process to land a new job. Here are out top interview tips for success! Interview Tip #1: Preparation Research the company, the department and the role. Know the flattering points of the company and use these points to illustrate your interest. Know yourself … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions About Recruiting

Frequently Asked Questions About Recruiting What does a recruiter do? Recruiters, first, work with employers to understand and scope the details of their need. Secondly, they leverage all of their knowledge, systems, and experience to identify and introduce active and passive job seekers to their clients. Finally, they help manage the process for both employers … Read more

Preparing Interview Questions

You are asked, “do you have any questions for me?’ This is the easiest interview question out there. Always say yes. Asking questions shows that you’re interested in the job. It also gives you a chance to show your knowledge about the position, company and industry. Most important, it lets you highlight why you are … Read more

The Fundamentals of “Fit”

The Fundamentals of “Fit” Finding the right job can be a bit of a puzzle for most of us. The reality is, finding a good fit is exactly like a puzzle involving two pieces that need to be analyzed for fit. We all know what happens when two pieces of a puzzle are matched that … Read more

Top Interview Mistakes

Lack of Professionalism Too often job candidates fail to realize the interview starts the minute they walk into the building. Impolite behavior toward the security guard or receptionist can ensure this will be your last visit. Make eye contact smile Offer a firm handshake when appropriate. During the interview convey a sense of confidence by … Read more

The Real Truth About Job Tenure

A generation or two ago it was not at all uncommon for employees, and even the generations that followed them to commit their careers to one employer, or even one particular job at the same employer. There is no doubt that job tenure is a hiring criteria often considered by employers. While long-tenured employees demonstrate … Read more

Meal Interview Tips

Tips for a successful meal interview.

When a full table of food enters the interview equation things can get messy. Meal interviews may seem less formal than office interviews, but they are just as important. During a meal interview you are not only evaluated on your answers, but also your demeanor. Can you hold intelligent conversation? What are your manners like … Read more

Screening for Fit

One in three individuals hired leave their employer before completing one year of employment, either by choice or not. Hiring for a good fit within your company is essential to the success of the employer and the employee. There is no exact science for hiring for fit, but there are several components that an employer … Read more