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10 Biggest Resume Mistakes 

1. Typos

You cannot have misspellings or grammatical mistakes on your resume for obvious reasons. You can never have enough people proof read what you’ve put together. This resume mistake must be avoided at all costs.

2. Hidden Skills

Do not make hiring managers look for your skills. Why? They do not have the time and will probably not make the effort. Clearly and concisely state your skills.

3. Fluff

When discussing your experience give metrics and results as often as possible. Facts bring validity to your skills.

4. Lack of Keywords

With so much of the application process being done online, keywords are essential. That is how hiring managers and recruiter are finding you, either through website services or in their own databases.

5. Too Personal

Another resume mistake to avoid is putting anything personal on your resume. Information that does not have something to do with your skills or experience should be left out. You do not need to include any information about why you left a job on your resume.

6. Does Not Flow

When your resume is being read, you do not want anyone to have an excuse to stop. That is why it is important that your resume flows nicely.

7. Exaggeration

Exaggerating (or as some would call lying) is not becoming of a job seeker. Employers and recruiters will check your references and other avenues such as social media, just be honest about what you have accomplished.

8. Irrelevant

I am sure that you have heard to tailor your resume to specific job opportunities. If you have skills that apply to a specific job be sure to elaborate on those.

9. Cutesy Email Address

Change your email address to be a generic name based email. There is no need for a cowboysrule or shop247 email address. These will act as a turnoff to your potential employers.

10. Being Funny

There are many times in life when it is a good idea to be funny. On your resume is definitely not one of them. This is an opportunity to be serious about what you can do and why you should be hired, take advantage of that.

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